Support for Individual Pupils and their Families

Helping a Student

One to one pupil support

We can provide one to one Emotional Logic support for your pupils over an agreed period of time.

Depending on your location, one of our team may be available to work with pupils face to face in your school or support can be made available online.

We focus on meeting the unique emotional needs of each pupil, helping them to make sense of their unpleasant emotions and identify the core values that often underpin challenging behaviour.

We then design an action plan with the pupil to help them move forward.

We offer face to face support in Devon and Cornwall and online support nationwide.


Read what schools say about our Pupil Support

"Emotional Logic has had an immediate and positive impact on the children’s relationships, self-esteem and learning. We see it as an essential tool – not just for the present, but for life."

Lyn Chamberlain, Headteacher, Wembury Primary School

"I can see the difference in the pupils that I have been working with after only a few sessions."

Simon Robilliard, PSHE Lead, Great Torrington School

"Both the school staff and the pupil’s mother have commented on the positive impact this training has had on him. There have been no further exclusions since he started these sessions."

Primary School SENDCo


Pupil and Parent Comments

Parents have asked that their children remain anonymous

"In the past I was being sent to isolation about twice a day, that was about 10 x per week. Now it is about 0 or 1 time a week. This has all changed since our first session. I was late for lots of lessons because I used to feel shock and like I couldn’t cope with the lesson. Now I have a time out card and use this if I feel stressed. I’ve also teamed up with my friend who knows what I’m doing and helps me get to lessons on time."

Year 10 Pupil

"I don’t shout at people any more. I’m better at calming myself down now or going to my friends and asking them to help me have fun to cheer myself up."

"When I’m angry I find it easier to let it go, I don’t take it out on others so much. I get a cup of tea, read a book or snuggle up in a duvet. Sometimes I get angry, like this week, but it’s a lot less than it used to be."

Year 9 Pupil

"His confidence has improved, he worries less about what others think of him and is happier being himself. When he has a problem he is better at recognising what is happening and making plans to deal with things in a more appropriate way. He is more relaxed at home and therefore the whole family is too! He is also going to bed a lot easier and sleeping well. Lots of anxiety and worries would come out at bedtime but this doesn’t happen now. His reasoning with his sister has changed to another level. He is able to help her a lot more now and interacts with her more positively."


"The whole extended family have noticed a difference in how he deals with his anger now."