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Emotional Logic

What is it?


Emotional Logic is a personal development tool used by people of all ages to improve emotional intelligence in difficult situations. It makes sense of unpleasant emotions. People can then harness that emotional energy to face life’s challenges, build emotional resilience and embrace change.

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Where did Emotional Logic come from, and where is it used?

The Emotional Logic technique was designed by a doctor from Devon in the 1990s and it was first used in General Practice. The Emotional Logic Centre charity was formed a few years later and now it is used all over the world in a range of different settings. In the UK, Emotional Logic is especially popular in schools.

What is the nature of  Exciting Education’s relationship 
with the Emotional Logic Centre?

Our qualified coaches are all registered with the Emotional Logic Centre. Exciting Education Limited provides training under licence from the Emotional Logic Centre. The Emotional Logic Centre is a charity and a proportion of Exciting Education’s income supports them.

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You have truly made such an impact on our young people, and I cannot rave enough about the power that the Emotional Logic sessions have. Those young people feel valued and more able to then tap into strategies to help them in life/school/home. I thank you so much for your input and work, it’s been great working with you, and I look forward to it continuing next year.

Gemma Parker, Safeguarding Lead and Director of Student Support, Callington College

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