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Foster Carers

We offer bespoke training for foster carers to help them support the children they care for and to increase their own resilience, emotional intelligence and quality of life.
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Foster carers are truly amazing individuals who provide a loving and stable home for children who need it the most. Their tireless dedication and commitment to the well-being and development of these vulnerable youngsters is truly inspiring. However, being a foster carer can be overwhelming and emotionally challenging. They face so many obstacles, from navigating complex legal processes to balancing the emotional needs of the children and their own well-being. 


It’s essential to support foster carers, not just for their own well-being, but also for the children they care for. By offering training, resources, and a supportive network, we can help them overcome these challenges and provide the very best care for the children they take in. When foster carers are well-supported, children experience stability and love, which helps them to heal and thrive in their new home.

We provide tailored training for foster parents to better assist the children under their care, as well as enhance their own emotional intelligence, resilience, and overall well-being.


Introduction training days for foster carers

These one-day sessions give a basic introduction to the Emotional Logic technique. Carers will leave with materials that will enable them to use the technique at home.

Accredited Emotional Logic Qualifications

We offer Foundation Award and Coaching level qualifications which empower carers to work therapeutically with the children they care for as well as improve their own wellbeing and resilience.

Our training fully supports the principles of PACE, and our trainers have experience of fostering, Foster Panels and current social work practice.

Home education
Teacher and Student

Individual support for the most vulnerable children

We work in partnership with carers, virtual schools, local authorities and fostering organisations to provide 1:1 support for children and their families. These sessions can take place in school or at home.


Green Board
We have been thrilled to work with Exciting Education to offer Emotional Logic to schools in Devon as an intervention to help our Children in care to learn lasting strategies to be able to cope in the classroom and feel successful. Christiaan’s team are excellent at building positive relationships quickly with the young people and we have seen dramatic improvements in attitudes to learning, behaviour, peer relationships, increased confidence and better management of anxiety which all lead to more positive interactions in class. For any child, but particularly for children who have had adverse childhood experiences, this support is really powerful in helping the child learn to self-manage and feel more positive about learning. We have received nothing but positive feedback from schools on the difference this work has made.

Wendy Ohlson

Head of Devon Virtual School

Art Class

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