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Frequently Asked

For Children

How old do I have to be to take part?

You can learn Emotional Logic from a very young age but for these sorts of sessions, where we meet once a week for an hour or so, it is best if you are at least 9 years old or older. There is no upper age limit so even your oldest relative can join in if they would like to!

What happens in my Emotional Logic session?

You start by meeting your Emotional Logic coach and getting to know each other. You talk, learn together and usually have fun! Your coach will help you understand why you feel and act like you do. They will also help you to make a plan to make life more enjoyable.

How many sessions will I need to have?

You start off with four sessions and then you can book as many more as you like. Most people find that having 6-8 sessions is enough to help them learn the technique, start using it in their own lives and feel a lot better.

Will I have to tell you my secrets?

You only need to tell your coach what you feel comfortable talking about.

Are my sessions confidential?

Your sessions are confidential but that means we may have to talk to your parents or carers about what you have told us in some situations. Your coach will talk to you and your family about this when they meet you and explain everything in more detail.

What sort of children do you work with?

We work with children of all different ages either in their school or at their home. Sometimes we meet face to face and sometimes we use technology to help us. Children often talk about things that make them angry, sad or worried.

For Parents

How much will the sessions cost?

If school are arranging your support it won’t cost you anything. If you are booking private sessions, families or individuals will need to book four sessions to start with and this will cost around £200, depending on how far the coach has to travel. We may send you some resources and then arrange to meet either face to face or online. Each session will last about an hour and our first session is often a little longer. After the first four you can book as many more as you need.

Will you tell me how my child is getting on?

Yes, in general terms your child’s Emotional Logic coach will let you know how things are progressing. We will also produce an impact report for you at the end written with your child. However, the sessions are confidential and your coach will explain what this means in practice for you. Please read our confidentiality and safeguarding policies which will explain everything in more detail.

Is it best to meet face to face or online?

This is up to you and your preference. We can only meet face to face if a coach lives in your area and we may have to charge a little extra if they are travelling far. Most of our coaches live in Devon and Cornwall but as I’m sure you are aware, these are fairly large geographical areas to cover.

Can you help me too?

Of course we can! This is a very common request. Sometimes the children want to show their parents what they have been learning during one of the sessions. Sometimes parents want to learn themselves so they can support family and friends. We can work in whatever way is best for you in your personal situation.

For Teachers

How do you support individual children in schools?

Schools book one of our coaches for a set period of time, for example, every Tuesday throughout the school year or for half a term. The coach visits the school each week and works with a number of children during the day. We can also work with parents in these sessions. We can be very flexible and everything is planned collaboratively with the school in order to meet your unique needs.

How long does the coach work with each child and what age range do you support?

We see the child for about an hour each week and usually work with them for about half a term. During this time they learn how to use the Emotional Logic technique and begin to apply the principles to their lives. This is flexible depending on the needs of each child. This type of support is most successful with children aged 9 or 10 years old and older.

Do you produce a written report for us or for the family when you have finished?

Yes, we produce an impact report for the pupil, their carers and for the school. We write this collaboratively with the pupil and schools can use this to demonstrate the impact of their provision to a range of stakeholders.

How much does this cost?

We charge schools an agreed rate for a defined period of time, depending on how long you book us for and how far our coaches have to travel. We provide all of the materials needed. Schools need to provide a private room for us to work in. Please contact us for a bespoke quote.

For furhter information, read our our policies and other documentation:


Green Board
You have truly made such an impact on our young people, and I cannot rave enough about the power that the Emotional Logic sessions have. Those young people feel valued and more able to then tap into strategies to help them in life/school/home. I thank you so much for your input and work, it’s been great working with you, and I look forward to it continuing next year.

Gemma Parker, Safeguarding Lead and Director of Student Support, Callington College

Art Class

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