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Discover the difference Emotional Logic coaching has made to these children and school staff!

A big thank you to these schools for giving permission to share their encouraging feedback and for continuing to work in partnership with us.

"You have truly made such an impact on our young people and I cannot rave enough about the power that the Emotional Logic sessions have. Those young people feel valued and more able to then tap into strategies to help them in life/school/home. I thank you so much for your input and work, it’s been great working with you and I look forward to it continuing next year."

Gemma Parker, Safeguarding Lead and Director of Student Support, Callington College

"The Emotional Logic training, support and instructors are phenomenal. The knowledge and skills I have gained from them have enabled me to help both children and adults make massive improvements along their emotional journeys, to understand what they are experiencing, and to find their own light at the end of the tunnel."

Nathan White, SENDCo and EYFS Lead, Mayflower Community Academy

"Staff and children have found these sessions incredibly useful. It has been invaluable for staff to see it presented in a fun and engaging manner. The staff have come away feeling that they have a deeper understanding of how to use emotional logic and better equipped with the language. They left the first session asking to be included in the second!

Christiaan presents in such an engaging way; the staff and children are entirely focused on the learning – fabulous! Thank you Christiaan and we look forward to seeing you at Woodford again in the very near future."

Jude Ives, PSHE Lead, Woodford Primary School

If you would like to discover how we can help you to support children, families and staff, click here to contact us for more information.

Why Hope, Wisdom, Freedom?

We offer hope. There is always hope, no matter how challenging the situation.

We offer wisdom. Through teaching and the careful exploration of ways forward together.

We offer freedom. Whilst we cannot change the past, we can explore the future together and offer to walk with you in small, manageable steps towards freedom from anxiety, anger, guilt and other unpleasant emotions.



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