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Exciting new training for Foster Carers in Devon

This week saw the start of a series of training days for Foster Carers across Devon, commissioned jointly by Devon’s Virtual School and the Fostering team. Our specialist Emotional Logic coaches, with professional backgrounds in Fostering and Adoption provision, ran an introduction day for 25 carers in Totnes. Further training days are planned over the summer in Exeter and South Molton.

The carers who attended were introduced to the basic principles of Emotional Logic to support them as they care for some of the most traumatised children in the county. They had fun using the Stepping Stone cards to learn how to help children communicate more effectively and develop greater understanding and empathy. Much laughter was had as we explored how differently we might respond to similar situations and how carers can use the materials to support their own resilience when life gets tough! We looked at case studies of some of the children we have supported and how the unique, kinaesthetic nature of the Emotional Logic materials can be used to help them plan for the future.

Our training for foster carers is designed to help them support the children they care for and to increase their own resilience, emotional intelligence and quality of life. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you in this area, contact us now by clicking this link.


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