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Changing children’s lives in the London borough of Merton

Since 2021 Exciting Education have been providing training and support for the Merton Virtual Behaviour Service (VBS) in south London. The VBS provides support and advice to all 43 primary schools and 9 secondary schools across the borough. Six of their specialist frontline workers have been trained to use Emotional Logic resources with pupils to help them make sense of their emotional world and design bespoke, values-based action plans to move forward. Mark, a Specialist Behaviour Support Teacher from the team, has taken his learning further and is currently completing the Coaching Award so that he can lead and advise the team in this area.

Mark is certain that Emotional Logic will make a big difference to the children they support. ‘The initial feedback from pupils who have used Emotional Logic has been very positive. By using the seven Emotional Logic stepping stone cards pupils have been enabled to physically move them around and put their feelings and thoughts into an order which makes sense to them. This has enabled pupils to become unstuck.’

Helping children overcome the Sunday night blues

Mark continues, ‘When I worked with a pupil who regularly worried about attending school every Sunday evening, he was able to use the seven cards to identify, label, and share his thoughts and feelings to find ways to move forward. He explained that moving the stepping stone cards around made it easier for him to explore why he was feeling anxious every Sunday evening. The process helped him to identify small things each week which he could do to address his Sunday evening worries. After a few sessions he shared that Emotional Logic had helped him to see that going to school after the weekend break was okay, and that nothing bad would happen to him.’

Using Emotional Logic to support colleagues

When Mark used Emotional Logic with a colleague from a different organisation, she too identified that using the seven stepping stone cards made it much easier to show how she felt. She commented that achieving the SMART targets linked to her plan had resulted in her feeling more relaxed, less anxious and even being nicer to people within her family!

Mark said, ‘Emotional Logic has great potential to further upskill the VBS team who are in two schools on a daily basis. By upskilling the team with Emotional Logic, they are well placed to support and develop pupils who may become stuck at different points in their school or personal lives.’

If you would like to know more about this project or discover how Emotional logic can help you or the children you care for, please contact us.


What services do you offer schools?

What is Emotional Logic? Why is it so popular?

It was designed by doctors as a simple way of making sense of our unpleasant emotions and finding a way to move forward when we feel stuck in anger, anxiety or low mood. Over the last 25 years it has made a huge difference to thousands of lives across the globe.

Why Hope, Wisdom, Freedom?

We offer hope. There is always hope, no matter how challenging the situation.

We offer wisdom. Through teaching and the careful exploration of ways forward together.

We offer freedom. Whilst we cannot change the past, we can explore the future together and offer to walk with you in small, manageable steps towards freedom from anxiety, anger, guilt and other unpleasant emotions.



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