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Supporting children in care in partnership with Devon’s Virtual School

Children in care have experienced more losses than most and Emotional Logic has built a reputation over many years of successfully supporting children and families in challenging situations. Over the 2021-22 school year, Exciting Education has been working in partnership with Devon’s Virtual School to provide Emotional Logic training for sixty school staff across the county to support these children and their carers.

Throughout the autumn term, thirty teachers and support staff have been working together to gain the Foundation Award in Emotional Logic. Another thirty will begin their training in January. The qualifying course, accredited by the University of Surrey, gives staff the skills and confidence to teach the Emotional Logic method to children using a set of teaching resources in our School Pack. The School Pack includes a wide range of materials to enable children from 4-18 years old to engage in the method. Staff are trained in how to use this pack and in how to measure the impact of their work on the wellbeing of the children they support. The skills they develop enable them to:

  • Help children to make sense of their unpleasant emotions when seen as part of a healthy adjustment process

  • Move the conversation towards recognising the underlying values that are threatened, resulting in unpleasant emotions and worrying behaviours

  • Teach children and carers how to use our unique kinaesthetic resources to feel truly heard and understood

  • Support children and carers to make action plans to move forward in small, manageable steps

  • To help children lose the shame often associated with unpleasant emotions and loss

They have also been learning to help themselves! During the training, the staff teams have grown closer and have enjoyed sharing stories each week about how they have used Emotional Logic to support their own mental health and that of their families, as well as being used in their individual schools. Our final session before Christmas focuses on designing a personalised school action plan to support pupils, parents and staff.

We would like to thank Devon’s Virtual School’s Headteacher, Wendy Ohlson and her team for funding this training. That decision has resulted in increased skills and resources for staff from a wide range of schools across the county. Already we are hearing stories of how the cards and School Pack have been used to help pupils, carers and staff with their mental health. Staff will be returning to school in the new year, ready to offer pupils a safe place and the tools to provide a greater insight into their emotional world.

If you would like to know more about this project or discover how Emotional logic can help you or the children you care for, please contact us.

Hope Wisdom Freedom


What services do you offer schools?

What is Emotional Logic? Why is it so popular?

It was designed by doctors as a simple way of making sense of our unpleasant emotions and finding a way to move forward when we feel stuck in anger, anxiety or low mood. Over the last 25 years it has made a huge difference to thousands of lives across the globe. Click here to find out more.

Why Hope, Wisdom, Freedom?

We offer hope. There is always hope, no matter how challenging the situation.

We offer wisdom. Through teaching and the careful exploration of ways forward together.

We offer freedom. Whilst we cannot change the past, we can explore the future together and offer to walk with you in small, manageable steps towards freedom from anxiety, anger, guilt and other unpleasant emotions.



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